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The Rainbow Labyrinth welcomes you

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The Rainbow Labyrinth started as a simple river rock labyrinth back in November of 2018. The stay-at-home orders imposed due to the coronavirus led to the transformation from simple river rocks to the beautiful Rainbow Labyrinth. Neighborhood children were invited to participate in the rock painting. A box was placed by the curb for rocks to be picked up to paint or dropped off, once painted. Many rocks have unique design elements and all were incorporated into the labyrinth. The Rainbow Labyrinth opened to the neighborhood on May 7, 2020.

Listed in the World Wide Labyrinth Locator and on the North American Labyrinth Map.

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The Labyrinth Experience

The labyrinth is located on the far side of the backyard of our property. It is a safe social distance from the main house and yard. There is a direct entrance to the labyrinth area, so once visitors are welcomed, they can enjoy the labyrinth at their own pace.

At the entrance to the labyrinth, you'll find a bowl of painted rocks. Visitors are invited to select a rock or two to place in the labyrinth. Paint pens are on hand for those that want to decorate or write a word or words on the rock/s.

We host monthly full moon walks. More information about them can be found on The Rainbow Labyrinth Facebook Group

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​We are located in the High Desert town of Apple Valley, California, about five minutes away from the California Route 66 Museum and 10 minutes away from Interstate 15. If you're traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we're about the halfway point.


DIY Mini Labyrinth Starter Kits!

If you're looking to explore the world of labyrinths, here's a way to get started! Labyrinth Starter Kits come with 60 small rocks, 7 paint pots (6 rainbow colors, plus white), a paintbrush, a diagram for you to use to build your labyrinth, and a bit of info on labyrinths. 

Kits are $16, including shipping. (Most electronic forms of payment accepted)

Fill out form with the number of kits you'd like (or send us an email) and we'll be in touch to get your order processed.

Thank you for your interest in the Rainbow Labyrinth! We hope to see you soon!

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Apple Valley, California


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